• To promote development of a sustainable financial sector to finance promising developmental projects.
  • To promote transparent and trustworthy investment opportunities for foreign investors interested in development.
  • To promote local entrepreneurship by providing needed capital.


  • Transparency:
    Foreign investors and local businessmen will be informed in detail of every project and transaction.
  • Professionalism:
    Developmental projects undergo background checks and appraisal to ensure investor and company safety.
  • Accountability:
    Any business projects will be fully legal and accountable to the local and international law.
  • Prosperity:
    Business transaction must be beneficial to the development of the Union of Myanmar and our investors.


  • We Help People:
    -Assist Lower Income People to Lead a Better Quality of Life
    -Make it Possible with Hire Purchase that Every Myanmar Family Get Refrigerator, Air Conditioner and TV without Pressing their Daily Livelihood
    -Provide Products to Every Corner of Myanmar at the Same Price
  • We Create Jobs:
    -Produce 10,000 Agents, Giving More Business Opportunity without Any Stocks, Investment and Risks
    -Create Jobs Based on Responsibility and Trust
    -Provide Meaningful Products that Produce a Large Number of Jobs
  • We Help Myanmar Economic Growth:
    -Stimulate Economy to Make the Country More Prosperous