Currently deemed as the hottest frontier market, recent reforms in Myanmar had caught the attention of the world. Companies from all around the world are pouring into the country to investigate the vast opportunities in the country that has recently opened up to the free market. Blessed with abundant natural resources, the longest inland coastline within South East Asia, and a predominantly unexcavated market, Myanmar has tremendous potential to become an economic powerhouse of Asia in the near future. But also because the reforms are recent, many companies are wary of the uncertainty pertaining to the investment laws in Myanmar. Due to legal constraints, there is currently no efficient and reliable way for foreign companies to invest capital into the country.

As of now, Myanmar is absent of a financial sector. Ryuji Finance Co., Ltd. is one of the first financial establishment in the country officially licensed to provide financial services and products in the Union of Myanmar. Ryuji Finance Co., Ltd. will provide a bridge between foreign companies aiming to invest in Myanmar, and promising developmental projects within the country.